Experience a new dimension of productivity

  • Collection and processing of structured data according to individual needs
  • Radical decrease of documentation effort (14 minutes per patient on average)
  • Direct and intuitive control of quality improvement processes
  • Real-time data access for clinical research
  • Seamless integration into your existing software infrastructure
sublimd Suites

A connected platform

sublimd is an intelligent software platform that collects and processes structured data from patients, specialists and third-party systems. Using sublimd, entire clinical processes are automated and the productivity of medical personnel is dramatically increased. Doctors reported an average time saving of 14 minutes per patient in interviews. Make use of sublimd to reduce administrative work to a minimum, improve the quality of treatment and revolutionize clinical research.

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sublimd compared to other systems

How does sublimd stand out from traditional systems? sublimd focuses on reducing documentation load, improving the quality of medical treatment and automating clinical research. We are explicitly not another provider of a hospital information system or an archiving solution.

Fields of application

In addition to emergency departments, hospitals and practices, sublimd is used by our customers as follows.

Patient Experience

With sublimd, patients get informed about the current investigation status and get involved in their treatment more actively.

Clinical research

With sublimd, all data is collected as structured data points and thus immediately available for clinical research and analysis.

Preclinical Medicine

sublimd allows on the spot documentation thanks to usage on smartphone or tablet.


The products of sublimd do not replace a thorough medical history and examination. All information presented within sublimd products must be critically questioned by the medical specialist and verified during the consultation with the patient. The products of sublimd are designed to reduce administrative work and not to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict or treat diseases. According to this intended purpose, the products of sublimd are not classified as medical products.