sublimd Emergency Room Suite

The all-in-one solution for your emergency department

  • Collaborative work on the medical history
  • Automating documentation work
  • Reduction of redundancies
  • Direct and intuitive control of quality improvement processes
  • More time for your patients and their individual needs
sublimd Emergency Room Suite

The Emergency Room Suite at a glance

The Emergency Room Suite will take the efficiency of your emergency team to the next level. The individual clinical processes get automated with ease from check-in to discharge to reduce administrative work dramatically. Implement new ways of communication and cooperation using our software platform and increase the quality of patient care.

Included products

The following products are included in the Emergency Room Suite.


The products of sublimd do not replace a thorough medical history and examination. All information presented within sublimd products must be critically questioned by the medical specialist and verified during the consultation with the patient. The products of sublimd are designed to reduce administrative work and not to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict or treat diseases. According to this intended purpose, the products of sublimd are not classified as medical products.