sublimd Practice Suite

Your personal assistant at work

  • Smart check-in for initial consultations
  • Well-arranged presentation of patients with chronic diseases
  • Reduction of documentation work to a minimum
  • Integrated references for clinical issues
sublimd Practice Suite

The Practice Suite at a glance

The Practice Suite is an excellent tool for your daily work as a physician. Enable your patients to communicate in a modern way and benefit from a complete and automated documentation. Be it our smart check-in for initial consultations, the integrated references for clinical issues or the smart overview for your patients with chronic diseases: sublimd covers your back that you can fully concentrate on your patients and their individual needs.

An example from everyday practice

A 24-year-old patient came across your practice and registered for an initial consultation. After being welcomed by your staff, the patient immediately receives a tablet computer and is seated in the waiting room (Check-in). As the patient was appointed 10 minutes in advance, she has enough time to answer questions about the reason for her consultation, her general health status and her current medication.
While the patient is answering the questions, an easy-to-read report in native language is automatically generated for you. As the attending physician, you may go through this report before the first patient contact. You will learn that she has been suffering from pain in her lower abdomen for 5 days and further has pain when urinating. You already suspect an urinary infection and call the patient into the examination room.
After having validated the main complaints, you learn more about the social and professional situation of the patient in a personal conversation. In the clinical examination, you notice a diffuse pain on palpation of the lower abdomen, accentuated over the bladder. With a few clicks you document these findings (Examine).
You inform the patient that the findings are most likely due to an urinary infection and you order an urine analysis to confirm your suspected diagnosis. The urine analysis confirms the urinary infection and you prescribe an antibiotic therapy. Since you have entered all data with sublimd, the documentation is yet completed and the report is available in continuous text form.

Included products

The following products are included in the Practice Suite.


The products of sublimd do not replace a thorough medical history and examination. All information presented within sublimd products must be critically questioned by the medical specialist and verified during the consultation with the patient. The products of sublimd are designed to reduce administrative work and not to diagnose, prevent, monitor, predict or treat diseases. According to this intended purpose, the products of sublimd are not classified as medical products.